The online solution to CO2 emissions reporting for hotels

HotelCO2 is a simple and affordable tool designed for hotel managers to calculate the carbon emissions of their hotel rooms and meeting rooms in accordance with the industry standard (the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative or HCMI) and to respond to customers requests, particularly corporate RFPs.

The tool requires no prior knowledge of CO2 reporting and can be used by any hotel type, class, and location. It follows the HCMI methodology developed by two leading industry associations, the International Tourism Partnership and the World Travel & Tourism Council and supported by 23 leading hotel companies around the world. It is being used by over 25,000 hotels around the world.

What it will tell you?

Your hotel's carbon footprints in hotelier-friendly metrics, specifically:

  • Total carbon footprint per room-night and meeting space usage, and
  • Total carbon footprint of a specific client's event.


Customers and other stakeholders are increasingly asking for carbon footprint information.

While cost and convenience will always remain key factors in travel decisions, customers are increasingly willing to trade up for sustainability. The environmental impact of travel is becoming an important 3rd factor for companies and individuals alike.

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Business travellers increasingly consider a hotel sustainibility in making their selections and 40% of those surveyed are willing to pay a premium for it.

95% of business travellers believe the hotel industry should be undertaking 'green initiatives.'

(Source: Deloitte)



63% of meeting planners say eco-friendly practices are extremely or somewhat important when choosing a venue

(Source:Survey of almost 400

meeting planners Deloitte)




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