Need some help with your carbon footprint calculations?

Sometime, it’s nice to get a little bit of help to get things started. So, we can help you in completing the HCMI questionnaire and calculating your CO2 emissions. Just contact us by filling the form below.

As an added benefit of having us help you with your calculations, we will provide third-party verification over your data which increase its impact and value when communicating to customers and other stakeholders.

We can also provide training through video-conferencing to key employees who will then be able to carry out the calculations and ‘own’ the process with confidence.

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Companies which have voluntarily embraced a sustainable business culture "significantly outperform their counterparts over the long-term, both in terms of stock market and accounting performance.”

Source: Harvard Business School and London Business School


Businesses can save up to 10% off energy bills through low or no cost measures. The first step is to raise awareness amongst all staff of energy use and its implications.

Source: Carbon Trust