Archive | March, 2014

Gen Y’s new influence in the green marketplace

According to a NMI Solutions survey, the percentage of Generation Y (those born between 1977 and 1998) who report that they “buy as many green/eco-friendly products as they can” is up to 36% in 2012 from 31% in 2009 (16% increase despite the recession), based on a survey of 4000 US adults. Gen Y grew up […]

Red Lion Hotel reduces its energy consumption and carbon emissions through employee engagement

Sustainable Brands has reported that Red Lion Hotel Corp has managed to reduce its energy consumption by 6.5 percent in just two years after implementing an employee engagement plan that involved everyone from senior management to line  employees. Here’s what they did in a  nutshell: Ensure buy-in and support from key stakeholders on the overall […]

Share a hotel room and cut on your CO2 emissions

One obvious way for people to reduce their carbon emissions is to share more. The sharing economy has already impacted the hotel industry with Airbnb. But a new service, Easynest, is hoping to also have a significant impact on the industry. While Airbnb diverts guests away from hotels and into people’s homes, Easynest lets strangers […]

Stranded Hotels and the Coming Carbon Asset Bubble

A stranded asset is one that loses economic value well ahead of its anticipated useful life. Climate change is likely to cause assets around the world, including hotels, to become stranded. A recent Wall Street Journal article, describes carbon stranded assets as assets that are dependent on carbon emissions from fossil fuel. Hotels, although not […]