Why hotels should be ‘green’?

Some 47 per cent of business travelers said it is “important” for them to stay in green-certified hotels during work trips and 7% admitted green certification is an “extremely important” factor in their choice of hotel according to research by Timetric and published as part of its Global Business Traveler Survey 2013 report.

Businesses that report having a higher percentage of green business practices are seeing higher sales, according to another study recently released by Green America, EcoVentures International and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity.

For example, the organic food market has increased by 238% in the past 10 years, whereas the non-organic food market has expanded by only 33%. In the same period, the green building market has increased by 1,700%, while the conventional building market has contracted by 17%.

George Basile, senior sustainability scientist at Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability, said: “Businesses are finding that consumers want businesses that are about building a better future,” he said. “Businesses that have strong sustainability plans tend to do better.”

“Owners of green businesses are aware of the resources they are using, invest in resources they rely on and place importance on their local environment and community. For example, many small restaurant businesses work with local growers to support environmentally friendly farming, while also boosting the local economy”, Basile said.