Promoting your hotel’s green credentials (Part 3)

86 the green tax

Hotels should attempt to eliminate the price barrier to make it clear that green products are for everyone. Easier said than done, but this can be a remarkable differentiator between similar hotels and a way to de-commoditize hotel rooms.

Good job!

You should reward good behaviors and consider reward programs that encourage green actions, for example:

  • Offer double reward points on green purchases,
  • Offer additional reward points or a drink voucher at the bar if guests decline housekeeping services during their stay,
  • Offer points for guests who recycle or chose to re-use towels. This could be for example in the form of a card left by the housekeeper or housekeeping supervisor offering a discount at the hotel bar or gift shop, and
  • Offer points redeemable for other green products that could be bought online or at the hotel gift shop.

Be open

Bring sustainability decisions out in the open: during check in, front desk staff should ask if guests need housekeeping service each day. Paying a social price for wanting fresh towels each day can be a powerful motivator. But be aware of unintended consequences though. If guests feel like they have paid for a service (even a social price), they will be less guilty about being wasteful and un-green.

Don’t say anything about being green!

Position green as a secondary or tertiary benefit. Guests may fear that they are losing out on comfort by choosing the green option. Sustainability is a deal maker not a deal breaker for guests. Your services happen to be sustainable, but that’s not the main focus.