Promoting your hotel’s green credentials (Part 4)

Help us solve this thing!

You should attempt to make green male friendly and ego-friendly by appealing to men’s feelings that their favorite activities (skiing, surfing, hunting, fishing, etc.) are being compromised by climate change and pollution. You can also reach men by presenting environmental issues as a challenge to solve that requires know-how, i.e. something that will boost men’s ego (yes, we are stereotyping here).

Nothing but the facts

Hotels should think about how to make green labels easy to understand and how to motivate guests to look at the labels to begin with.

This issue was greatly addressed with the launch of the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) which provides hotels with a standard methodology to measure and communicate hotels’ carbon footprint.

Keep it real

Show the guests how their actions have a real, tangible impact. For example, by providing feedback on the amount of energy or water consumed in each room (included avoided laundry consumption). The information provided should be something that everyone can understand and relate to, i.e. nobody knows what one tonne of CO2 emissions is. Unless we are able to understand and conceptualize the costs of our actions to the environment, sustainable practices won’t become habits. So, using equivalencies is a better approach (e.g. the equivalent of consuming one gallon of gasoline).

Another option is to communicate to guests the impact of their actions may be exacerbating local problems (e.g. water shortage in the area).