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Promoting your hotel’s green credentials

Easy does it Once your properties have calculated their carbon emissions and assessed their other environmental impacts, consider providing color coded ratings of your properties on your website. For example, use the HCMI calculations to award a green rating for your most carbon efficient properties, orange for less efficient properties, and red for properties who […]

Promoting your hotel’s green credentials (Part 4)

Help us solve this thing! You should attempt to make green male friendly and ego-friendly by appealing to men’s feelings that their favorite activities (skiing, surfing, hunting, fishing, etc.) are being compromised by climate change and pollution. You can also reach men by presenting environmental issues as a challenge to solve that requires know-how, i.e. […]

Why hotels should be ‘green’?

Some 47 per cent of business travelers said it is “important” for them to stay in green-certified hotels during work trips and 7% admitted green certification is an “extremely important” factor in their choice of hotel according to research by Timetric and published as part of its Global Business Traveler Survey 2013 report. Businesses that […]

Hotels Can Improve Guest Satisfaction Through Sustainability

According to a survey by Expedia, about two thirds of hotel guests will give better ratings on review websites to hotels which have high indoor air quality, have achieved a building energy efficiency certification (i.e. LEED), and have programs in place to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency, conserve water and recycle waste. It is […]

Corporate responsibility employee engagement for hotels

Are your hotel employees disengaged? Can ‘hotel green activities’ or sustainability improve their engagements and your bottom line? Earlier this year, PwC released a report on engaging employees through corporate responsibility. It found that disengaged employees drag down companies, costing billions of dollars in lost productivity and resulting in much higher turnover rates. The report […]

Going beyond measuring hotels’ carbon footprint: creating shared value!

Most hotels have incorporated sustainability activities in their operations, particularly reducing energy consumption or measuring carbon emissions. Two activities that either reduce operational costs or increase revenues (by providing carbon footprint data to meeting planners and corporate customers who request this information in RFPs). However, as sustainability is becoming part of the mainstream, is it still […]