Stranded Hotels and the Coming Carbon Asset Bubble

A stranded asset is one that loses economic value well ahead of its anticipated useful life. Climate change is likely to cause assets around the world, including hotels, to become stranded. A recent Wall Street Journal article, describes carbon stranded assets as assets that are dependent on carbon emissions from fossil fuel. Hotels, although not […]

Does being green pay for hotels?

Last month, Cornell University released a report which concluded that booking revenue neither increased or decreased for eco-certified hotels. Some of the press coverage of this report declared that there was no benefit for hotels to reduce their carbon emissions and adopt other ‘green’ initiatives. The report’s conclusions are more subtle than this though. First […] unveils new look website

New Online Tool to Streamline Hotel Carbon Footprint Calculations Launches A streamlined online solution developed to help hotel management teams monitor CO2 emissions and ramp up sustainability efforts becomes a reality this week as carbon management experts, Hotel CO2 unveil their new look website. The innovative digital tool transforms the CO2 reporting process for hospitality […]

Half Of All US Hotel Projects To Be Green Buildings By 2015

CleanTechnica has confirmed the incredible growth in ‘green’ buildings. The percentage of hotel owners reporting more than half their facilities as green rose from 28% in 2011 to 48% in 2013, expected to reach 62% by 2015. A McGraw Hill construction survey has also provided some answers to the big question: are green hotels more […]